Strength Tips with Steven Mouzon

Updated: Jan 19

Why do we squat the way that we squat at (un)discovered athlete?

Coach Steven focuses on two primary things when he trains athletes from 8 to the professionals - SAFETY and RESULTS.

If we expect our athletes to challenge themselves to significant results on the field, we need to challenge them to do routines fundamentally sound. We can't expect results from our athletes if we have not prepared them to stay healthy through a long season.

Today we are talking about squats.

More importantly, we are talking about how to prepare yourself for the exercise as an overhand throwing athlete to minimize stress and reduce injury potential.

How do you hold a bar for a squat?

  1. Hold the bar STABLE

  2. Use your Arms and Back to pin the bar to your back

  3. Make the Bar ONE with your Body

  4. Hand On-Top/Across your hand

  5. Place into low bar position with wrists straight

  6. Unrack with a STRONG FOUNDATION

  7. Get a GREAT REP

  8. Repeat if necessary