Strength Tips with Steven Mouzon

Grip Strength!!! Grip Strength!!! Grip Strength!!!

It may seem excessive, but grip strength is a huge tool to the baseball athlete.

Here is what Steven has to say

It's not just Steven, baseball trainers have been talking about grip strength and it's correlation to baseball performance for years.

In a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (1), 343 professional baseball players in the Texas Rangers organization were tested over the course of two separate seasons. Players represented all levels within the Rangers organization. Ninety Rookie Ball players, 84 A-ball players, 50 AA players; 52 AAA players and 62 Major League players were tested for grip strength, power, speed and agility. Regression equations were developed to determine the relationship between each of these tests and performance as measured by home runs, total bases, slugging percentage and stolen bases. While the results indicated that the best predictors of over-all performance were power, speed and agility, grip strength was significantly related to home runs, total bases and slugging percentage. It is also interesting to note that the players that had the most lean body mass, greatest power, fastest speed and best agility, also had the most grip strength.

Why Grip Strength - quite simply, it makes you a better baseball player and athlete.

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Steven Mouzon is the Director of Performance at (un)discovered athlete in Suwanee, GA. A former collegiate baseball player and nationally known performance coach. Steven is a USAW certified performance coach who uses a holistic approach to athlete development. Steven trains athlete's throughout professional baseball including Anthony Maldonado, Marlins; Cam Coursey, Diamondbacks; Robert Kwiatkowski, Red Sox; Cole Zabowski, Rockies. Steven presents Sunday Strength with Steven each Sunday through the Social Media Channels of (un)discovered athlete.