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HitTrax Baseline Assesment

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The Baseline Assessment Report (BAR) is an invaluable tool to help players and coaches understand a hitters performance. The BAR will not make you a better hitter. It will help you understand though how instruction, drill work, and practice combine to make you a better hitter.

The HitTrax Baseline Assessment Report provides a snapshot of a hitters performance in the following areas.

Point of Impact
Play Outcome
Launch Angle by Pitch Location
Exit Velocity (Max and Avg)
Hit Distance
Batting Stats


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Baseline Report Features 

  • Automated dashboard report with key metrics for tee work and live BP

  • Embedded spray charts, hot zones, and launch angle report to identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Sets a BASELINE of metrics so the student can measure improvement. 

BAR COSTS $35/Session

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