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The Mouzon 


USAW Certified Performance Coach Steven Mouzon has been the catalyst to changing the career progression of numerous athletes. With a stable of clients that includes some of the top prospects in baseball, Steven has proven that the Method is the way to become discovered. 

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What is the Method?

The Method involves a personalized approach to each athlete. Using proven methods, techniques, and approaches Steven will craft a performance program that is personally suited to your needs as an athlete. 


The Ladder

FREE ASSESSMENT - assess your current state is critial to development of a new athlete. 


1. Mobility - training a mobile athlete requires creating flexibility, ease of movement, and body control

2. Movement - developing the athletes ability to move in complex and taxing situations.

3. Strength- creating athletic strength that applies to performance needs.

4. Skill - apply the steps of the ladder to sport specific activity.

2 - 3 Day/Week Programs Available

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